Linda turns 65 sa taong 2018

Organized by her daughters Renalyn and Oma, the celebrant thought that they will be going to a known restaurant in Cavite City just for a dinner, Linda wonder why do they have to dress formally just for a normal dinner and the reason said by her cousin: "to take selfies as well".  The hot tempered celebrant was having a second thought about the dinner and decided not to come, but through the efforts of her beloved and trusted cousins she was convinced to go to dinner, and so she thought...
Upon their arrival at El Palacio Resort, everyone  was silent and the lights are all turned off, no music, no whispers, no clue; by the time the celebrant step in front of the gate Raymond, the MC, immediately announced the arrival of Linda a.k.a. the "Birthday Girl", surprised was written all over her pretty face. An so the story of Linda turning 65 begins.

Photos by chonzsky